A Man, a Rabbit and a Wolf

Zhuma and her son Lobsang lived in a house at the bottom of three big deep valleys. One day Mother Zhuma suddenly became ill and died, leaving Lobsang alone in the world. Each day he went into the forest to gather firewood. He sold the wood to earn money to live.

A year later while he was collecting firewood he heard a strange sound. When he went to see what was about, he saw a huge wolf with long sharp fangs. A bright red tongue hung out of its mouth. When the wolf saw Lobsang he ran to him and said, “Ha, ha! Today I have a sweet thing to eat and warm blood to drink. I haven’t smelled meat for seven days. I’ll eat you.”

Lobsang was scared and jumped back. He said, “Oh no, don’t eat me today. I haven’t eaten for three days. If you ate me now you wouldn’t feel full. Wait until tomorrow, wolf.”

The wolf said, “Yes, you would taste better with more meat on your bones. But I don’t believe you will come back tomorrow. You might be trying to trick me, so wear an oath that you’ll come back tomorrow.”

“If I’m not here tomorrow, come to my home and eat me,” said Lobsang. The wolf then let Lobsang leave.
Lobsang was very worried. On the way back to his home he met a rabbit.

The rabbit asked, “Why so sad? You aren’t carrying any wood. What’s the matter with you?” Lobsang told the rabbit his problem.

“Don’t be afraid, for I can help you. I have a plan,” said the rabbit.

Lobsang found this hard to believe. He thought the rabbit was too small and too weak to help and save him from the fierce wolf.

“Let’s go to your home,” said the rabbit.

They went together to Lobsang’s home.

When they reached Lobsang’s home, and the rabbit said, “Now, make a gun of wood.”

Lobsang quickly made a wooden gun and used a piece of rope for a gun band.
The next day they got up early, ate quickly, and went into the forest. On the way to the forest the rabbit said, “When I yell, say the king’s hunter’s coming.”

Rabbit took the gun of wood and went along a path to a hilltop. Meanwhile, Lobsang went to meet the wolf. The wolf was waiting where they had met the last time, and started towards him with an open mouth and his teeth bared.

But suddenly the wolf heard, “Careful! The king’s hunter is coming, and he’s carrying a gun.”
“Is the king’s hunter really coming?” asked the wolf.

The rabbit shouted to Lobsang with the deepest voice he could muster, “Hey! What’s that beside you?”

“Tell him I’m a piece of wood,” said the wolf.

Lobsang shouted, “It’s a piece of wood.”

“Then hit it with your axe,” said the raabbit.

“Please hit me gently,” said the wolf, and Lobsang hit the wolf very gently.

“Why isn’t there any sound?” asked the rabbit.

“Hit me hard,” said the wolf, and this time Lobsang hit the wolf so hard on the head that it died.

The rabbit’s plan had worked and Lobsang was saved! Lobsang and the rabbit then became sworn brothers and had a wonderful and pleasant life together. And since that time most people don’t eat rabbit meat.

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