Bodhisattvas Rescue #1

Gunabhadra arrived in Canton in 435 after a dangerous journey from Ceylon during which the wind suddenly
stopped and the boat was marooned in the ocean. He asked his fellow passengers to concentrate on the buddhas of the ten directions and call on Kuan-yin.

He himself secretly chanted a dharani sutra, repented to the bodhisattva and worshiped him. The wind rose up and rain began to fall. Then the boat could continue to sail. After he arrived in China, he was well received. But because he could not speak Chinese, he had to rely on translators.

When he was asked to give lectures on the Hua-yen Sutra by the prime minister, he felt very ashamed because he himself could not speak the language. That same night, he performed a repentance rite and begged Kuan-yin for help. He then dreamt of a person in white who carried a sword in one hand and a man’s head in the other.

The person asked Gunabhadra why he was worried. When told the reason, he told Gunabhadra not to worry. He cut off Gunabhadra’s head and put the head he was holding on the latter instead. The next morning when Gunabhadra woke up, he could speak Chinese perfectly (T 50:344b).

~ From “Kuan Yin” book by Chun-fang-Yu, page 166

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