Bodhisattvas Rescue #3

About a decade ago, a big article about a kidnapping case appeared in the newspapers in Taiwan. A young, successful construction business owner named Mr. Wang was targeted by the mafia. One night, out driving, he was taken by five or six gangsters.

They took him deep into the mountains, where they had dug a large hole in advance so they could leave him there. Mr. Wang’s hands and feet were bound tightly. In addition, they gagged his mouth so he couldn’t call fo rhelp.They threw him into the hole and left him alone.

Mr.Wangknows the Great Compassion Mantra, and he remembered that the mantra could help anyone who was in danger. Even though he couldn’t recite the mantra out loud, he tried his utmost to do it in his mind. He kept on reciting and reciting for an unknown period of time.

Suddenly, the rope around his hands fell off and the rope around his feet loosened up. Happily, he climbed out of the hole and tumbled down a hill. It was early morning. Hungry and exhausted, he saw a farmhouse ahead. Moving with difficulty, he knocked on a farmer’s door for help.

The farmer answered the door and, seeing that his face, clothes, and body were all blackened, asked him, “Are you a ghost?” He answered that he wasn’t a ghost and gave the farmer a short version of what had happened to him.

He asked for food and clothes and said he had to call the police. The farmer kindly gave him some food to eat and let him take a shower and change his clothes. When he had finished eating, Wang called the police and reported the kidnapping. The police were able to catch the kidnappers quite quickly with Mr. Wang’s information.

A Buddhist reporter made this headline news and demonstrated the miraculous power of the Great Compassion Mantra. So this is an extremely wonderful response that came about from reciting the Great Compassion Mantra.

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