Dog’s Tooth

This story is about a lady in Eastern Tibet who was very devoted. And she always wanted to have a tooth of the Buddha which is quite ambitious. I think there are only two or three of Buddha’s teeth, but she was very devoted and very naïve too. So she has a son who goes to Lhasa, a holy city in the center of Tibet.

Lhasa is considered to be a holy city where you have all the monasteries, temples, all the lamas. So she told her son to bring back Buddha’s tooth as a gift when we comes back from his tour to Lhasa. So he was someone who commuted between Lhasa and Eastern Tibet often, and every time he went there, he would forget to bring back a present.

So the next time he went off, his mother said: “If you don’t bring back Buddha’s tooth this time, I’m going to jump off a cliff and kill myself.”

So he said “Ok, don’t worry, this time I will make sure to bring back Buddha’s tooth for your altar.”

He went to Lhasa and he forgot again to look for Buddha’s tooth. So when he returned, as he was nearing his village, he realized that he hadn’t brought anything for his mother. He got very nervous, remembering what his mother had said. So he looked around, and found a dog’s corpse. He took a tooth from the dog’s corpse, and wrapped it in a very beautiful, fancy, silk kaza.

The next day he arrived at his village. He presented the gift to his mother and said “This is Buddha’s tooth. Please cherish it. Take care of it. Put it on your altar.”

And the mother was so happy, completely overjoyed. She put that tooth on her altar, and sat every day and did meditation and prayer. When she died, she obtained rainbow body, she became an enlightened one. This is a very good story.

So it really happens that the dog’s tooth was not Buddha’s tooth; it was a dog’s tooth, obviously, no way to mistake that. But somehow she was able to experience her own pure perception of faith in relation to her Buddha nature, by opening her heart, by having faith in that object as Buddha’s tooth.

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