Donkey Butter

A king owned much property. Every year the king charged the local people a butter tax. If they did not pay the butter tax, he punished them severely. For this reason the local people did not like the king. One day Uncle Dunba went near the king’s home with his son and began beating his son. When the king saw this he asked Uncle Dunba, “Why are you beating your son?”

Uncle Dunba sadly replied, “My son killed my donkey. Now I cannot pay you your butter tax.” The king was speechless for a moment and then replied, “You pay your tax with donkey butter?”

“That’s right,” said Uncle Dunba.

The king took Uncle Dunba to his storeroom and asked, “Do you know which is the donkey butter?”

“Yes,” replied Uncle Dunba.

The king said, “I don’t eat donkey butter. Please take your donkey butter out of my storeroom.” Uncle Dunba chose the best butter and happily returned home.

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