Nothing Truely Exists

Yamaoka Tesshu, as a young student of Zen, visited one master after another.
Eventually he called upon Dokuon of Shokoku.

Desiring to show his attainment, he said,
“This mind,the Buddha, and all sentient beings, after all, do not exist.
The true nature of all phenomena is emptiness.
There is no realization, no delusion, no sage wisdom, and no mediocrity.
There is no thing to be given and nothing to be received.”

Dokuon, who was smoking , lstened quietly but saying nothing. Then he montioned Yamaoka to approach him.
When the student approached he suddenly hit Yamaoka with his bamboo pipe.
This made the youth quite angry, and he raised his hand to strike Dokuon.
“Stop!”, yelled Dokuon, “If nothing really exists as you say, then where does your anger come from?”

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