The Sun’s Reply

An old widower lived in a cottage in a beautiful forest with Dawa, his grandson. Dawa was the old man’s only living relative, and was very young and innocent. The man was very old and could not do any work. Dawa not only looked after his grandfather but he also did the housework, collected fuel from the forest, and fetched water.

The grandfather became seriously ill and Dawa cared for him day and night. The old man slowly improved. Spring was coming and the old man was nearly well. He could now stand for a few minutes. Dawa was very glad that his grandfather was recovering.

The old man had been ill in bed for a long time. Now that he was better, he wanted to sit in the sun. Dawa took his grandfather outside and helped him sit in a chair. The old man said, “I’m thirsty. I want to drink some water.”

“I’ll bring you some water at once,” said Dawa and went into the cottage. The old man now felt tired and fainted because of the heat from the sun.

Dawa returned, saw that his grandfather was unconscious, and thought he had died of sunstroke. He shouted, “What kind of sun are you to take Grandfather’s life? I will look for your mother and seek justice.”
The brave boy took a sack of wheat for food and walked westward, looking for the sun.

On the way he met a herdsman. The herdsman asked, “Boy, where are you going?”

“I’m going to look for the sun’s mother,” replied Dawa.

The herdsman said, “Oh! People say the sun’s mother is very kind. When you meet her, please ask her what I should do when the sheep’s wool has grown so long that the sheep can no longer walk.”

“I will,” said Dawa.

“People also say that the sun’s home is far away. Will you ever get there?” asked the herdsman.

“I can,” said Dawa. “I’ll get there even if it takes me a hundred years.”

Later Dawa met a sheep. The sheep said, “Brave boy, let me help you. Hold onto my horns and I’ll take you to the sun’s mother.”

Dawa was surprised to hear this. He sat on the sheep’s back and held its horns. The sheep leapt into the sky and flew westward. After a long time they reached a beach and saw a beautiful castle.

“This is what you have been looking for. Now, please go in. I’ll wait for you,” said the sheep.

Dawa knocked at the door. An old woman opened the door and said in surprise, “Boy, how did you get here?”
“Are you the sun’s mother?” asked Dawa.

“Yes, can I help you?” replied the old woman. She let him into the castle and Dawa told her what had happened. The old woman gave him much delicious food to eat and said, “Don’t worry, child. When my son gets back, he will find a way to rescue your grandfather. Do you have anything else to ask me?”

“Yes,” replied Dawa and told her what the herdsman had said. Just then, the sun came in. The old woman told her son what the herdsman had said.

The sun said, “The herdsman should cut the sheep’s wool twice a year. The sheep won’t be too hot and the herdsman can spin the wool for clothing and also make carpets.”

The old woman then told her son about Dawa’s grandfather. The sun said, “He’s not dead. He only fainted because of the heat. Flick some cold water on his face and he’ll be okay.”

Dawa thanked them and left the castle. On his way home, he told the herdsman what the sun had said. When he got home, he did as the sun said and his grandfather was well. Since that time the grandfather and the grandson spent a happy life together.

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