Two Rabbits and a Bear

Two young rabbits were hopping through the forest. One said to the other, “We are good friends. We must help each other. If any beast comes at you, I’ll stay and help you.”

The other rabbit said, “I will help you, too, if any beast comes at you.”

After a while, they heard a loud noise. It was a large bear. One rabbit climbed up a tree. The other was too fat to climb up. Instead, he threw himself at the foot of the tree and pretended to be dead.

A moment later, the bear looked at the fat young rabbit and then sniffed him. The young rabbit held its breath. The bear thought he was dead and left.

The young rabbit hiding in the tree asked his friend, “The bear put his mouth near your ear. What did he say?”

The other rabbit answered, “He said, ‘Don’t trust your friend. He ran away from you when you needed his help the most.”‘

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